Advertising on this site

Advertising on this site.


Dear Proprietor/Webmaster,

We are the largest and premier website on Historical information about South Australia. You can have a link included to your website. Our site is listed with all the major search engines and has had more than 7 million visitors so far. Many of them often ask, where can we buy, or where to stay or what can we do there or what else is there? A link on any one page, listed in our main subject index, to your site would answer their questions and problems and provide you with possible customers.

At the same time a link @ $50.00 per year would help us to recoup some of the costs running our site, which is expanded or updated every week. At present there are more than 1250 pages of information on South Australian, and related Northern Territory History. Our site is also linked with other information providers, world wide and with Australian and South Australian sites, including Government websites.

It most certainly would increase your exposure many, many times. At $50. it is a very cheap and effective way of advertising for a whole year. For an extra $25 you can have your logo included. Links on additional pages will be charged at $25 each. Please consider this opportunity and be linked to the largest site on the net dealing with South Australian and Northern Territory History.

Yours sincerely,

Nic Klaassen


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