Favourite Books on South Australian History.


Books on South Australian History.

Aird, G. Beltana Trails.
Aird/Klaassen, Beltana, the town that will not die.
Anderson, R. Solid town, a history of Port Augusta.
Andretzke, Chris, Koonunga District 1840-2003.
Auhl, I. The story of the monster mine.
Auhl, I. From settlement to city.

Bailey, K. A History of Kadina.
Barker, S. Explore the Flinders Ranges.
Bates, D. The Passing of the Aborigines.
Blackwell, D. Alice on the line.
Blainey, G. The Tyranny of Distance.
Bleszynski, N. Shoot Straight, You Bastards.
Blieschke, L. Plain of Contrast
Bonython, W. Walking the Flinders Ranges.
Bowen, J. Kidman, the Forgotten King.
Brauer, A. Under the Southern Cross.
Bright, C.H. The Confidential Clerk.
Brown, J. Country Life in Pioneer South Australia.
Burnett, A. Wilful murder in the outback.
Buxton, G. South Australian Land Acts 1869-1885.

Caterer, H. Australians Outback.
Charlton, R. The History of Kapunda.
Clune, F. Dig.
Clune, F. Overland Telegraph.
Clyne, R. Colonial Blue.

Daum, B. & Downes, J. The Ghan.
Daum, B. & Downes, J. The Indian Pacific.
Drexel, J. Mining in South Australia.
Dulhunty, R. The spell of Lake Eyre.
Dutton, F. South Australia and its mines.
Dutton, G. A Taste of History.
Dutton, G. Founder of a City.

Elder, David, William Light's Brief Journal and Australian Diaries.
Evans, M. The Days of May.

Faull, J. Melrose, child of the mountain.
Faull, J. The Cornish In Australia.
Ferber, H. Stagecoach to Birdsville.
Foale, Marie Therese, RSJ. The Josephite Story.
Fuller, B. The Ghan.

Gardiner, P. Mary MacKillop, An extraordinary Australian.
Gibbs, R. A History of South Australia.
Griffin, T. Atlas of South Australia.
Groome, H. The Kaurna First People in Adelaide.

Healey, John. SA's Greats.
Herbig, D. Once there was a very old Gum Tree.
Hill, E. Water into Gold.
Hill, E. My Love Must Wait.
Hirst, J. Adelaide and the Country, 1870-1917.

Idriess, I. Mantracks.
Idriess, I. The Cattle King.
Idriess, I. Flynn of the Inland.

Jenkin, G. Conquest of the Ngarrindjeri.
Jericho, H. Down Memory Lane.
Jones, H. In her own name, Women in SA History.
Judell, L. Pioneering in the backblocks of South Australia.

Kerr, M. G. Colonial Dynasty.
Klaassen, N. Sliding Rock, to mine or not to mine.
Klaassen, N. The Northern Flinders Ranges.
Klaassen, N. Leigh Creek, an oasis in the desert.
Kwan, E. Living in South Australia.

Lewis, J. Fought and Won.
Litchfield, L. Marree, and the tracks beyond.

Mack, D. The Village Settlements on the River Murray.
Maddock, J. Mail for the Back of Beyond.
Manning, G. Place Names of South Australia.
Mattey, R. Deceptive Lands.
Mattingly, C. Survival in our own land.
Medlin, G. Field guide to Chambers Gorge.
Medway, K. Coober Pedy.
Meinig, D. On the margin of the good earth.
Mincham, H. The story of the Flinders Ranges.
Mincham, H. Hawker, Hub of the Flinders.

Nagel, P. North Adelaide 1837-1901.
Nunn, J. History of Waikerie.

Osterstock, A. South Australia 1888.

Payne, E. Beltana, six miles.
Payton, P. A Pictorial History of Australia's Little Cornwall.
Payton, P. The Cornish miner in Australia.
Payton, P. The Cornish farmer in Australia.
Pearch, H. Homesteads in the Stony Desert.
Pike, D. Paradise of Dissent.
Plowman, R. Camel Pads.
Plowman, R. The Boundary Rider.
Plowman, R. The Man from Oodnadatta.
Polkinghorn, J. Mylor, Valley of Dreams.
Press, M. Julian Tenison Woods: Father Founder.
Prest, W. The Wakefield Companion to South Australian History.
Pryor, O. Australia's Little Cornwall.

Ratcliff, F. Flying Fox and Drifting Sand.
Rajkowski, P. In the Tracks of the Camelmen.
Reddin, J. The First Stripper.
Richards, E. The Flinders History of South Australia.

Salter, E. Daisy Bates.
Scherer, R. Venture of Faith.
Schubert, D. Kavel's People.
Selby, J. South Australian Mining Heritage.
Sinnett, F. An Account of the Colony of South Australia.
Sizer, H. Yet Still They Live.
Somerville, P. Not Only in Stone.
Steele, W. and C. To the Great Gulf, The Surveys and Explorations of L.A. Wells.
Stoecker, B. Flinders Ranges, an Australian Aura.

Taylor, P. An End to Silence.
Telfer, R. Built with Living Stones.
Tolcher, H. Drought or Deluge.
Thomson, Alice The Singing Line.
Tunbridge, D. Flinders Ranges Dreaming.

Vries, Susanna de, Great Pioneer Women of the Outback

Weidenbach, K. Mailman of the Birdsville Track.
White, M. No Roads Go By.
White, M. From That Day to This.
White, M. For Those That Love.
White, M. Beyond the Western Rivers.
Whitelock, D. Adelaide, from colony to Jubilee.
Williams, M. The Making of the South Australian Landscape.
Woods, J. The Province of South Australia.

Books on the Flinders Ranges.


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