Chronology 1836-1850



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia was proclaimed on 19 February 1836.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

Samuel Hill born in Cornwall
November 26, Mr & Mrs Stuckey arrive at Holdfast Bay
19 February South Australia proclaimed by the King in England
First migrant ships, John Pirie and the Duke of York, left England in February.
First migrants landed at Kangaroo Island on 20 July.
First school opened at Kingscote on Kangaroo Island on 20 November.
Stuckey and Catchlove families arrived at Holdfast Bay on the Tam O'Shanter on 26 November.
Captain John Hindmarsh arrived at Holdfast Bay and read one of his first proclamations, on 28 December.
George Strickland Kingston arrived on the Cygnet.
21 March, Samuel J Stuckey born at Holdfast Bay
First run-away convicts from eastern colonies spotted in Adelaide.
First Quaker meeting in Adelaide.
James Chambers reached Adelaide on the Coromandel.
Col Light completed survey of Adelaide.
First newspaper published.
Thomas Playford (Honest Tom) born.
Tenders called for the building of Adelaide Gaol.
South Australian Supreme Court established.
First school opened in Adelaide by Mrs Hillier.
Samuel Stuckey born on 21 March at Holdfast Bay.
Whaling started at Victor Harbor.
First grape vines planted along the Torrens River.
Hospital opened on North Terrace.
First German Lutherans arrived.
Philip Levi, John Warren and J Gleeson arrived in SA
26 January Governor Hindmarch laid foundation stone of Trinity Church.
First ballot for country sections held in May.
First race meeting held in Adelaide on 1 and 2 January.
James Hawker arrives in Adelaide.
German missionaries Teichelmann and Schurmann arrive in October in Adelaide.
William Baker Ashton appointed Sub Inspector of Police.
John Reynell started vineyard at Reynella.
Governor Hindmarsh recalled, replaced by Gawler.
First Afghans (Indians) arrived in South Australia.
First stock overlanded from New South Wales.
Police Force established in South Australia. An Australian first!
John Chambers and John Wrathall Bull arrived in South Australia.
Wool exported for the first time.
Edward John Eyre reaches Lake Eyre South.
Evelyn Sturt and Henry Osborne overland Cattle to South Australia.
Gawler laid out by Colonel William Light.
Light's and Fisher's houses destroyed by fire at Thebarton in January.
South Australian Agricultural Society formed.
Governor Gawler officially named The Flinders Ranges after Matthew Flinders.
Adelaide Chamber of Commerce established.
Col Light died at Thebarton on 6 October.
Aboriginal mission established at Encounter Bay.
First Protector of Aborigines appointed.
First road built in SA between Adelaide and Port Adelaide.
R.A. Fiveash and Alexander Hay arrived on the Planter.
Thomas Hogarth arrives in SA in September
John Snell born in Devonshire
James Heneker arrived on 17 June
CC Sandford writes letter to his brother.
1 January Indian coolie working for John Gleeson died in Adelaide Gaol
George Kite settled in SA
Edward John Eyre climbed Mount Deception, Mount Serle and Mount Hopeless.
First Camels imported on the Calcutta.
Election for the Municipal Corporation of the City of Adelaide
First local government election in Australia
First election in the world to use proportional representation principles.
Maria Massacre.
James Hurtle Fisher first Mayor of Adelaide.
McLaren Wharf, at Port Adelaide opened by Governor Gawler.
Lutheran missionaries, Teichelmann and Schurmann published the first language book
of Aboriginal grammar and vocabulary spoken around Adelaide.
Robert Richard Chute Torrens appointed Collector of Customs at Port Adelaide.
Frederick May, manufacturer, born.
Slate discovered at Willunga.
Goats originally from the Mediterranean taken to the Flinders as food for exploring parties
George William Barrett born in Adelaide
Stephen King born.
Population of South Australia on 1 January 15,485.
Governor Gawler recalled, replaced by Grey.
Edward John Eyre reached Western Australia.
Glen Osmond silver mines discovered.
Toll house built at Glen Osmond.
South Australian Savings Bank opened.
Assisted migration suspended due to economic depression.
Thomas Hogarth married Jean Smith
Edward John Eyre implements irrigation along the Murry River.
Copper discovered at Kapunda.
Registration of births, deaths and marriages commenced.
Georgios Tramountanas, South Australia's first Greek migrant arrived.
Mackillop born in Melbourne.
Legislative Council constituted.
About 250,000 sheep in South Australia.
Abraham Tobias Boas born, first Adelaide Rabbi.
John Ridley constructed the Stripper.
Flour mill built at Hindmarsh.
First minerals exported from Glen Osmond.
John William Downer born in Adelaide on 6 July
William Ranson Mortlock arrived in South Australia.
18 February Arthur John Godlee born at Echunga
Charles Sturt named Cooper's Creek after the Chief Justice.
First Colonial census, population 17,366.
Pekina run established.
John William Downer born.
Aboriginal Mission established at Walkerville.
Adelaide Show held between North Terrace and Frome Bridge.
Population of Adelaide about 10,000.
Copper discovered at Burra.
Gold discovered at Montacute.
Governor Grey replaced by Major F.H.Robe.
Assisted migration resumed.
Bangor slate quarry established.
Town of Hoffnungsthal established
Robert Moffatt born, died at the age of 60 at Farina.
First Pastoral lease granted.
Charles Rasp born in Germany.
Population on Kangaroo Island about 70.
First Hundreds proclaimed.
First use of camels made by John Horrocks
On 4 January St Mary's Catholic Church at Morphett Vale started.
Richard Edward Tapley established the first Mutual Insurance Company in South Australia.

Fred Hayward stocked the Pekina run for Price Maurice.
First winery in Barossa Valley started.
St Peters College established.
Town of Robe proclaimed.
August Short arrived at Port Adelaide on 28 December.
John Hele living in Burra
First German language newspaper established in Australia, published in Adelaide by Karl Kronhardt.
Police Station opened at Mt Remarkable.
Savings Bank of South Australia opened.
First ferry across the River Murray started at Wellington.
John Parker Buttfield arrived in South Australia.
Schooner Yatala, built at Port Adelaide. Launched on 28 July.
Callington surveyed.
Captain Pascoe working for the Strathalbyn Mining Co.
William Morgan arrives in South Australia on 13 February.
Copper smelting started at Yatala by the Adelaide Smelting Works on 1 February.
August Helling born 20 May at Burra.
Central Board of Main Roads established.
Carl Linger settled at Munna Para.
James Snell, born 1839, arrived at Port Adelaide.
Representative government granted to South Australia.
George Fife Angas migrated to SA.
Poonindie Mission started.
Bleasdale Winery founded by Frank Pots.
Fencing wire introduced.
David Shearer born.
Australia's first Synagogue completed on the corner of Rundle Street and Synagogue Place.
Charles Cameron Kingston, Lawyer, parliamentarian and federalist, born.
William Ranson Mortlock married Margaret Tennant
James Chambers had contract for inland mail


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