Chronology 1861-1870



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia was proclaimed on 19 February 1836.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

Copper discovered at Moonta.
Census recorded population of 126,830.
1908 people employed in mining.
Women made up 21% of the workforce.
South Australian border shifted west to coincide with the Western Australian border.
Joseph Albert Franz David Hergott died, aged 38, in Melbourne.
Thomas Hudson Beare died.
Stuart finally crossed Australia.
Post Offices opened at Blanchewater, Blinman and Yudanamutana.
Miners left the Burra to seek work at the Mochatoona Mine.
Thomas Elder established Lake Hope Station.
Hotel opened at Nuccaleena.
Coromandel Cricket Club formed, second oldest cricket club in South Australia.
Hebrew Sabbath School for children founded in Adelaide.
Government Well excavated at Edeowie.
Gas works at Brompton established.
Parachilna, Yarrah, Edeowie, Kanyaka, Nuccaleena, Oratunga and Hookina surveyed.
Administration of Northern Territory taken over by South Australia.
Start of the Great Drought.
Daisey Bates born on 16 October.
Foundation stone laid for the Albert Tower at the Adelaide Town Hall.
Blinman South surveyed.
South Australia had 109 km of railways.
John Forsyth teaching at Noarlunga.
Quelltaler Wines started at Watervale using Mintaro slate fermenting tanks.
Police Trooper Samuel Gason recorded the flooding of Lake Killalpaninna and Kopperamanna.
Post Office opened at Beltana.
Goyder's Line of rainfall established.
Bank of Adelaide founded.
8 April Edward Allchurch and William Whitfield Mills arrive on the Atalanta.
Kopperamanna Mission founded on the Cooper Creek.
Sisters of St Joseph founded by Mary MacKillop.
Camels introduced by Elder and Stucky.
Adelaide Town Hall opened.
Julia Burnett born at Wooltana.
Gas street lights introduced in Adelaide in June.
Point Pearce Mission started on Yorke Peninsula.
On 31 October Prince Alfred, first royal visitor to South Australia, laid foundation stone of the General Post Office.
T.J.C. Hantke worked on Beltana Station.
Mount Gambier prison opened.
Judge Boothby dismissed from office.
Charles Mullen developed Mullenising.
Benjamin Boothby died.
Camel Transport Company formed.
Strangways Act passed.
Prince Alfred College opened.
Foundation stone laid for St Peters Cathedral.
Aclare Silver mine started.
On 21 October, Minor Offences Bill introduced stopping the practice of sending juveniles to prison.
Darwin surveyed by George W.Goyder.
William Henry Ogilvie, poet and journalist, born.
Work started on Hope Valley Reservoir.
Hottest summer on record.
A good year for gold mining.
Copper discovered at Sliding Rock.
Construction of Overland Telegraph started.
Town of Millicent surveyed.
Deceased Wife's Sister Act passed.
Afghans on strike.
Rev Abraham Boas, Adelaide's first Jewish clergyman, arrived in South Australia from England,
Founding member of Adelaide University.


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