Chronology 1881-1890



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia was proclaimed on 19 February 1836.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

Adelaide first city in Australia to have a water born sewerage system.
Town of Dawson proclaimed on 19 May.
Dr Edward Charles Stirling became a part time lecturer in Physiology at Adelaide University.
Islington Sewage Farm opened.
Essington Lewis born.
Police Station opened at Innamincka.
Northern Railway reached Beltana.
First races held at Birdsville.
First swamp areas of River Murray reclaimed.
The North Eastern Times and Terowie News started.

Aclare Silver Mining Comp floated.
Post Office opened at Parachilna.
Town of Belton proclaimed on 30 March.
Fire Brigades Board established.
Great Northern Railway to Farina opened.
First cement in Australia produced at Brighton by William Lewis.
(Sir) Douglas Mawson born.
Dr Ruby Davy born at Salisbury on 22 November.
North Adelaide connected to sewerage system.
Town of Marree proclaimed.
Adelaide Central Telephone Exchange opened on 14 May.
Roseworthy Agricultural College opened.
Woolshed at Cordillo Downs completed.
South Australia first to introduce income tax.
Married Women's Property Act introduced,
allowing married women to own and administer property in their own names.
Fort at Large Bay opened.
Afghan (56) and camels (293) arrived at Port Augusta on the Bengal.
Railway reached Marree.
Jack Hester pioneered first mail service on the Birdsville Track.
Hans Heysen arrived in South Australia.
William Ranson Mortlock died on 10 May at Medindie.
Rainfall records started at Innamincka.
James Ford died at Mungerannie on 17 December, aged 22.
Adelaide Trades & Labour Council inaugurated.
Roseworthy Agricultural College established, the first in Australia.
Horan, station master of Farina transferred to Quorn.
John Parker Buttfield at Blinman.
First Education Gazette published.
Edward Holden, (Sir) car manufacturer, born.
Adelaide Arcade opened on 12 December.
Work started on Beetaloo reservoir.
Telephone trunk line opened between Adelaide and Port Adelaide, first in Australia.
Marree rainfall records started.
Artesian well completed at Coward Springs.
Howard Kearns new publican at Innamincka.
Wilson and Gordon the first country towns in South Australia to have public telephone facilities installed.
Albert Clark and John A. H. Garderner died in Rundle Street fire.
Lucy Beare died.
Renmark Irrigation Colony established.
Ediacara silver mine opened.
Several Farina residents left for Teetulpa goldfields.
Adelaide to Melbourne railway opened.
Act passed to pay members of Parliament.
Author Myrtle Rose White born
South Australian born Dr Joseph Verco, assisted by Dr John Davies Thomas,
performs pioneering brain surgery in Adelaide.
Adelaide Mosque in Gilbert Street completed.
Shearers at Cordillo Downs refused to sign shearing contracts.
National Bank of Australasia opened bank at Farina.
Phoenix Gold Mining Comp formed to mine Jupiter Creek.
House of Assembly moved from Old Parliament House to the first stage of the new building.
Thomas Playford Premier.
School of Mines opened on North Terrace.
Leigh Creek Coal Mining Comp formed.
Gold discovered at Nichols Nob.
Port Pirie smelters started.
On 5 June, western side of Parliament House officially opened.
20 June First Australian Arbor Day, organised by Krichauff, held in Adelaide
Cecil Thomas Madigan born at Renmark on 15 October.
Author Arthur Upfield born in England on 1 September.
April, Attie Allchurch married Thomas Andrew Bradshaw.
First South Australian built locomotive completed.
Beetaloo reservoir commissioned.
Towns of Algebuckina, Innamincka, Oodnadatta and Parachilna surveyed.
Two Members elected to the House of Assembly to represent the Northern Territory.


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