Chronology 1891-1900



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia was proclaimed on 19 February 1836.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

Town of Ediacara surveyed by E.C. Playford.
Education made free to compulsory age.
Railway up to Oodnadatta. It remained there until 1927.
United Labor Party formed.
Samual Emanual Jervis, born 15 November 1774, Oldest Australian,
living in Tasmania, died June 1891, aged 116 years.
William Tennant Mortlock married his cousin Rosina Forsyth Tennant at Glenelg.
Edward Napoleon Bonaparte Catchlove appointed temporary inspector of stock at Diamantina.
Police station at Innamincka flooded.
Belair National Park, second oldest national park in Australia, proclaimed.
Education made free to the compulsory age of 13.
Gold discovered at Angepena.
Work started on Happy Valley reservoir.
South Australia started the first Children's Court in the world.
Innamincka surveyed.
William Tennant Mortlock bought Martindale Hall.
Fossils discovered at Lake Callabonna.
Patrick Boyce Coglin died on 22 July 1892.
Ross McPherson Smith born in Adelaide.
Arthur Bayley and William Ford find gold at Coolgardie on 17 September
17 June Paddy Hannan finds gold at Mt Charlotte which became known as Kalgoorlie
Telford railway siding built to load coal.
Royal Tar left Port Adelaide for Paraquay.
Raifall records started at Murnpeowie.
Rabbits reach Charlotte Waters
Factory Act passed to allow inspectors to check on health, safety, hours of work and age of employees.
Village Settlement Scheme started.
Women granted the right to vote.
Iron ore discovered at Iron Knob.
Farina Prospecting Association formed.
Mark Twain visiting South Australia
Government date plantation started at Lake Harry.
Smith of Dunesk Mission opened at Beltana.
Leigh Creek coal sold at Broken Hill.
WJ Peterswald died on 28 August.
State Bank of South Australia opened.
Town of Lyndhurst surveyed.
Alfred Herman Traeger, inventor of pedal wireless, born.
First moving pictures shown in Adelaide.
Sir Thomas Playford born.
Sir Thomas Elder died, aged 78.
Happy Valley reservoir completed.
First Agricultural School established.
Jerome Murif crossed Australia on a bicycle
Mountain of Light Copper Company started.
Frederick George Waterhouse died 7 September.
Work started on Bundaleer Reservoir.
Thomas Worsnop died.
The 1st Contingent of the South Australian Mounted Rifles left for the Boer War on 2 November, 1899.
BHP started mining at Iron Knob.
Work started on Barossa reservoir.
Lieutenant John Powell, first South Australian killed during the Boer War.
Adelaide lit for the first time with electric light.
Mount James school opened.


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