Chronology 1911-1920



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia became a state on 1 January 1901.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

Publicly funded immigration reintroduced.
Administration of Northern Territory transferred to Commonwealth Government.
Paull's Consolidated Copper Comp wound up.
A.I.M. Hostel opened at Oodnadatta.
Sisters of St Joseph opened a school at Terowie
South Australia's population 408,558.
Hugh Cairns from Riverton graduated from Medical School and later won a Rhodes Scholarship.
East-West railway started at Port Augusta.
Daisey Bates appointed Honorary Protector of Aborigines at Eucla.
State Industrial Court established
South Australia-British Farm Apprenticeship Scheme started.
William Creek school closed.
Johannes Reuther drowned.
Dame Roma Flinders Mitchell born in Adelaide.
Leaving and Intermediate exams introduced.
William Tennant Mortlock died.
First issue published of SA Motor in June.
South Australian Aurifer, winner of the Caulfield Cup
First South Australian military expeditionary force left from Outer Harbor.
Work started on Millbrook and Warren reservoirs.
River Murray Waters Agreement secured.
Annie Price, wife of Tom Price, becomes South Australia's
first female JP and the first in the British Empire.
Haigh's Chocolates opened on 1 May
First Australian to receive a Nobel Prize was Adelaide born Sir Lawrence Bragg
Opal discovered at Coober Pedy.
School leaving age increased to 14 years.
Women Police Officers appointed, first in the British Empire.
Sir John William Downer died.
Stephen King died at Beulah Park.
All hotels have to close at 6 o'clock.
Referendum passed to close hotels at six o'clock.
Arthur Harris postmaster at Cradock.
Clifton Hills lost 10,000 cattle as a result of the severe drought.
J.M. Wendt died
German private schools closed in South Australia.
Killalpaninna Mission closed.
Nomenclature Act changed 69 placenames of German origin.
Ruby Davy, first woman in Australia to earn a Doctorate of Music.
South Australian changed German place names published in Government Gazette.
Work started on Tod River scheme.
Wooltana sold for $120,000.
John Grindell on trial for the murder of George Snell.
First street petrol pump started operating in Adelaide.
First airmail delivered from Adelaide to Minlaton by Captain Harry Butler.
Soldier Settlement Bill passed in South Australia.
Daisy Bates started welfare work at Ooldea Siding.
Lake Harry camel depot moved to Muloorina.
First Lord Mayor of Adelaide elected.
Colin Thiele born on 16 November 1920.
First Public Archives in Australia established in Adelaide.
Dulkaninna station closed.
Homestead at Mungerannie washed away.
Gold discovered at Boolooroo.


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