Chronology 1921-1930



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia became a state on 1 January 1901.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

State's population passed 500,000.
Killalpaninna, Kopperamanna and Etudanna taken up by Lance Powell.
Total value of gold production in SA $22,326.00.
Baroota Reservoir completed.
Peter Waite died on 4 April.
First lock on the Murray completed at Blachetown.
Harry Butler bought Cannuwaukaninna for $600.
William A. Webb appointed Chief Commissioner of South Australian Railways.
Ross Smith and Jim Bennett, killed when their plane crashed in England.
Bert Swift manager at Wooltana until 1930.
Moonta Mines closed.
Total wool sales from Myrtle Springs $18,000.00.
Waite Agricultural institute established.
Thousand Homes Scheme launced.
First radio stations started broadcasting.
Total wool sales at Myrtle Springs $18,260.00.
A.I.M. created the 'Border Sisters'.
Technical Education started with the opening of Thebarton Junior Technical School.
United Aborigines' Mission established a home at Oodnadatta.
Showgrounds at Wayville opened.
United Aborigines' Mission established at Swan Reach.
At Wooltana 41,600 sheep shorn, produced 1090 bales of wool.
Work started on the Oodnadatta-Alice Springs Railway.
Don Dunstan born on 21 September 1926.
Angorichina Hostel opened.
Colebrook Home established by the United Aborigines' Mission at Quorn.
New Teacher Training College opened in Kintore Avenue.
Gordon school closed.
First Australian pedal radio in Australia produced by Alfred Traeger.
First train left Adelaide for Alice Springs.
First talking pictures shown in Adelaide.
Robert James Lee Hawke born at Bordertown,
United Aboriginal Mission established at Nepabunna.
Dough Chappel manager at Wooltana until 1933.
Cordillo Downs closed down.
Andamooka opal field discovered.


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