Chronology 1941-1950



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia became a state on 1 January 1901.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

South Australian population 606,366.
First blast furnace at Whyalla went into production.
Compulsory voting introduced in South Australia.
First coal obtained from renewed attempts at Leigh Creek.
First dragline started at Leigh Creek coalfield.
Colebrook Home moved to Eden Hills.
Pipeline completed between Sliding Rock and Leigh Creek.
Morgan-Whyalla pipeline officially opened.
George Aiston died.
Don Dunstan joined the Australian Labor Party.
ETSA formed.
CWA branch formed at Leigh Creek.
Rare fossils discovered near Ediacara.
George Desmond Dunn became publican of the Lyndhurst Hotel.

Tom Kruse starts out on his own.
First 'Displaced Persons' arrived from Europe.
Forty Hour week introduced.
First 'Displaced Persons' arrived at Leigh Creek.
Full scale production of Holden car commenced.
Hospital at Farina closed.
Dr Ruby Davy died on 12 July
Work started on South Para reservoir.
Work started on Mannum - Adelaide pipeline.
Water pipeline to Woomera rocket range completed.
Marree added to the Royal Flying Doctor Circuit.
TAA made first flight to Leigh Creek.


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