Chronology 1951-1960



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia became a state on 1 January 1901.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

Transmitter installed at Marree Hospital.
Hospital at Innamincka closed.
South Australian population 743,785.
Police Station at Farina closed.
Angepena Racing Club formed.
Bulk handling facilities for grain opened at Ardrossan.
Aboriginal people removed from their traditional lands in the Maralinga area.
Port Pirie first town to be proclaimed a city.
School at Farina closed.
South Australia's first drive-in, the Blueline, opened at West Beach.
Mannum pipeline provided the first water for the Adelaide reservoirs.
Sunday Mail appeared for the first time.
Mannum to Adelaide pipeline commissioned.
Mable Hill, the summer residence for Governors, destroyed during bushfires in the Adelaide Hills on 'Black Sunday'.
Tom Kruse awarded a MBE.
Adelaide Airport opened.
Severe flooding of River Murray for several months.
H.J. Mortimer bought Myrtle Springs and Witchelina.
Seismometer installed at Umberatana.
New Strzelecki Track made by South Australian Government.
Parachilna school reopened.
Parking meters introduced in Adelaide.
Joyce Steele and Jessie Cooper first women to be elected to SA Parliament.
Hans Heysen Knighted.
Aborigines became eligible for age, invalid and widows pensions.
At Wooltana 29,580 sheep shorn.
First Adelaide Festival held from 12-26 March.


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