Chronology 1961-1970



Many extra ordinary things have happened
since the colony of South Australia became a state on 1 January 1901.
This section will try to highlight some of them.

Myrtle Rose White died.
Radium Hill mine closed in 21 December.
South Australian population 979,400.
The Troubridge made its first run from Port Adelaide to Kangaroo Island.
Sturt's Desert Pea declared South Australia's official floral emblem.
Aroona Dam overflowed for the first time.
Copley school closed.
Roma Mitchell became the first woman in Australia to be appointed Queen's Councel.
South Australian population reached 1,000,000.
Queen Elizabeth visits Adelaide in February.
School leaving age increased to fifteen years.
Page Family of four, died on the Birdsville Track.
Donald Campbell broke world land speed record on Lake Eyre on 17 July in his Bluebird.
He travelled at 648 km per hour.
Beatles arrived in Adelaide on 13 June.
First commercial natural gas well in Australia completed at Gidgealpa.
Joe Ford manager of Wooltana died on 15 June.
24 November last hanging in South Australia.
Wheat silos built at Karoonda, capacity 50,000 tons.
Playford Government defeated.
Roma Mitchell first woman judge in Australia appointed to the Supreme Court of South Australia.
Flinders University officially opened.
Anna Creek Rural school opened.
Beltana school closed.
Sir James Harrison first Australian born Governor of South Australia sworn in.
West Lakes Indenture ratified
West Lakes Ltd established.
Arkaroola became a wild life sanctuary.
Elliot Price of Muloorina died.
Education Department agreed to educate Aboriginal children in remote communities.
Population of Beltana 22.
Hairy nosed wombat adopted as South Australia's faunal emblem.
Excavation for lake at West Lakes started


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