State Emblems

South Australian State Emblems.

The State Flag, (top left on this page) was proclaimed on 13 January 1904.
The State borders were proclaimed on 1 January 1911.

The River Murray flag
has been used since the 1850s.

The Coat-of-Arms.


The coat-of-arms can only be used on State government correspondence and may also be used by schools and libraries. Permission for its use must be obtained but is not usually granted for commercial purposes.

Old South Australian flag, used from 1876-1904.


The Floral Emblem.

The Sturt Desert Pea was adopted on 23 November 1961 as South Australia's Floral Emblem.

Sturt's desert pea is found in many areas of inland Australia where rainfall is less than forty centimetres.

Other official emblems adopted are the Hairy-nosed or plains Wombat which has been the faunal emblem since 27 August 1970.

On 15 August 1985 Opal was adopted as the official gemstone emblem.



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