Inverbrackie Cemetery Adelaide Hills

Inverbrackie Cemetery

In 1866 Inverbrackie was listed as a small village near Woodside in the Adelaide Hills. It had a 'Scotch kirk and a manse' the residence of pastor J. McBean. The population was small and chiefly engaged in argricultural and gardening pursuits.

In its early days the small settlement was often visited by the Rev Ralph Drummond, who was the first Minister of the United Church of Scotland in South Australia. A land grant of twenty acres to build a church and manse was made on 12 July 1848 naming as Trustees, Alexander Lorimer, Robert Farly, Abraham Shannon and Andrew Murdoch.

The town had a good number of migrants from Scotland and Daniel Baruh who had graduated from Edinburgh University practised for some years at Inverbrackie before moving to Mount Pleasant. He took over from Dr William Innes who had died in 1849. As early as 1846 Thomas Payne ran a hotel and Dr Baruh looked also after the registrations of births, deaths and marriages. While at Inverbrackie, Dr Andreas Vonnida and Auguste Roder were married by Baruh in 1858. Vonnida later moved to Blinman and became a shareholder in the Sliding Rock Mining Company.

In 1927 it was reported that the church was in ruin and thickly covered with ivy, making it reminicent of the historic church ruins in England. The stone incribed with Caledonian Church 1848 was still visible.

Below are SOME of the headstones of the Inverbrackie Cemetery. In an attempt to save as much space as possible and increase the speed of downloading, only part of the stone is displayed. Flinders Ranges Research has a full photograph of each of these, and many others as well.


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