John Flynn Trilogy

Rev. John Flynn OBE

The Trilogy

John Flynn has had more memorials dedicated to him than any other Australian. His presence still pervades the Australian bush. Who was this extraordinary man? Why was he so special? What did he achieve? He never wrote his autobiography - never had the time. Many others have written about them, though.

Historian Ivan Rudolph, author of Eyre the forgotten explorer and Sturt's Desert Drama, has blended their historical accounts with original and unpublished source materials and Flynn's own letters, pamphlets and articles. Years of research and hard work have resulted in three very readable books which are neither a history nor a detailed biography. When reading any one of them you will move with Flynn through the action and drama of his life and experience the man and his times in a fresh and authentic way.

Ivan Rudolph has brought out Flynn the man, who like no other, revolutionised the lives of people in the Never Never country of Australia.
Rev. Dr Fred Mc Kay OBE.

Some media comments on the Flynn Trilogy
A vivid and highly readable account of Flynn's life, struggles, victories and defeats. (The Weekend Australian)
Draws on a wealth of hitherto unpublished material. Memorials to Flynn abound but Mr Rudolph's account is perhaps the best memorial there could be. (The Canberra Times)
Ivan Rudolph's book does a great job in stirring your blood with a thoroughly Australian yarn that involves courage, perseverance, vision, heroism, innovation - it's got it all! I have a friend working at shaping it into a major motion picture. (Alive Magazine).

John Flynn,
Of Flying Doctors and Frontier Faith

Flynn's Outback Angels
Casting the Mantle, 1901 to WWII

Flynn's Outback Angels
Fulfilling the Vision, WWII to 2002

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