Wenzel Kepert

Wenzel Kepert

Wenzel Kepert, born in 1794 at Senftenburg, Kunwalde, Bohemia, his wife Catherine Anna Elisabeth, nee Behn, and their four children arrived at Port Adelaide on the barque Louise from Hamburg on 26 March 1849.

Wenzel soon established himself in Rundle Street Adelaide as a shoemaker and was Naturalised on 9 August 1849 with the papers signed by B.T. Finness. By 1854 he had moved to Macclesfield where on 5 December 1855 he bought a block of land in Luck Street from John and Henry Davenport. In 1860 he had erected a small cottage on it.

After the death of his wife Catherine on 25 March 1870, Wenzel moved to Callington Road near Hartley where his daughter Anna Elisabeth Frederica, born on 29 June 1840, lived. She had married Johann Heinrich Reimers on 5 May 1859. Anna was Wenzel's only daughter, and fourth child. She lived a long life and died on 2 June 1937. Both Johann and Anna are buried at the Salem Cemetery.

Wenzel and Catherine's three sons were William Francis (Wilhelm Franz) born on 20 June 1830. He became a solicitor and lived in Norwood. He married Alice Phoebe Hardcastle, born in England, on 4 January 1864. Their other sons, Charles (Carl) Alexander, born in 1835, and Louis Gustav, born on 3 March 1836, left South Australia for the eastern colonies.


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