Lobethal, Valley of Praise, South Australia

Lobethal, Valley of Praise

As reported in The South Australian of 2 April 1850.

In this township is every variety of architecture, from an uncouth, or rather hideous, accumulation of black clay and slabs, to the neat brick or stone cottage, and generally speaking the habitations have anything but a pleasing aspect. The village straggles up a long valley, the houses being situated on separate patches of a few acres. Around, are some farmers with larger holdings. There are blacksmiths, carpenters, cabinet-makers, tailors, shoemakers, indeed, almost every kind of trade, and all these men likewise cultivate their own ground, and breed hosts of poultry, &c.

There is a very respectable church of brick, capable of containing about 300 sitters. The pastor is the Rev. Mr Fritsche, a learned and excellent man, who is training several students for the ministry. There is also a surgeon, a schoolmaster, and a public house. (The latter we were informed by a German, was kept by an English lady, but we found her to be a kindly Scotch widow.

The villagers have been at the expense of 20 for a very excellent bell, which it is the duty of the schoolmaster to ring at stated hours each day. On the weekdays the bell is rung at six o'clock, when the villagers commence work; at eight, when they breakfast; at twelve, when they dine; at one p.m. when they resume work; at six p.m., when they leave off work and four times in the week at eight p.m. when they assemble for public worship.

Germans, like others, have their disputes. We understand that much ink, paper, and words have been expended on a religious controversy, of which Pastor Kavel, and Pastor Fritsche are the opposing chiefs, in reference to free or close communion, and the personal millennial reign of Christ upon earth. The dispute, however, is at present quiescent.

Lobethal Cemetery

Lobethal Photographs

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