Proclamation of South Australia


By his Excellency John HINDMARSH,
Knight of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order,
Governor and Commander in Chief of


In announcing to the Colonists of His Majesty's Province of South Australia, the establishment of the Government, I hereby call upon them to conduct themselves on all occasions with order and quietness, duly to respect the laws, and by a course of industry and sobriety, by the practice of sound morality, and a strict observance of the Ordinances of Religion, to prove themselves worthy to be the founders of a great and free Colony.

It is also, at this time especially, my duty to apprize the Colonists of my resolution, to take every lawful means for extending the same protection to the NATIVE POPULATION as to the rest of His Majesty's Subjects, and of my firm determination to punish with exemplary severity all acts of violence or injustice which may in any manner be practiced or attempted against the natives, who are to be considered as much under the safeguard of the law as the Colonists themselves, and equally entitled to the privileges of British Subjects.

I trust therefore, with confidence to the exercise of moderation and forebearance by all Classes, in their intercourse with the Native Inhabitants, and that they will omit no opportunity of assisting me to fulfill His Majesty's most gracious and benevolent intentions towards them by promotingtheir advancement in civilization, and ultimately, under the Blessing of Divine Providence, their conversion to the Christian Faith.

By His Excellency's Command,
Colonial Secretary,

Glenelg, 28th December, 1836.


This is NOT the proclamation of the establishment of South Australia. That was done on 19 February 1836 by the King in England.

This is more like it.

This is the real and official declaration dated 19 February 1836


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