Articles and books by FLINDERS RANGES RESEARCH include

Sliding Rock (in This Australia 1984)(Out of Print)
The battle for Leigh Creek (in Playford's South Australia)
South Australian attitudes towards Lutheran Schooling during WW1
The Flinders Ranges (for Northern Regional Development Board Inc,
December 2000).
Flinders Ranges and Far North,
(in Wakefield Companion to South Australian History)
George W. Goyder and Dame Roma Mitchell,
(both in South Australia's Greats)
Pieter Nuyts (in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Supplement 1580-1980)
Worthing Mine (In Hallett Cove Courier August 2007.)
Dame Roma Mitchell (In Cathedral Magazine September 2008.)
Pieter Nuyts' Legacy (in Holland Focus September 2009)
Kevin S Rasheed, (in Australian Dictionary of Biography, 2016)

Beltana, The town that will not die. (Out of print)
Sliding Rock, To mine or not to mine.(Out of print)
The Northern Flinders Ranges, Mountains Minerals and Mines.(368pp, @ $32.00)
Leigh Creek, an oasis in the desert. (Out of print)

All books have an extensive bibliography, footnotes, maps, photographs and a detailed index which provide a fast reference to any topic or name, which is of particular benefit for those researching their family history.

The books provide absorbing and fascinating reading and are highly recommended for both students of South Australian History, and the general reader. All books are about people, men and women, who tried to make a living in this rugged, isolated, semi-arid area, which at the same time is also spectacular, quiet and magnificently scenic. The books describe the often insurmountable problems and challenges faced by farmers, miners, railwaymen and investors. They also relate an intriguing history of the trials and tribulations of the battlers, dreamers, promoters, losers, swindlers and the small and large companies who all contributed to the development of this beautiful part of Australia.


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