Puttapa Station

Puttapa Station.

The area covered by present day Puttapa Station was taken up by John Haimes in 1854 as part of a much larger lease which eventually became the Beltana pastoral station. For a long time it remained Puttapa camp or Puttapa Paddock. In 1911 parts of Beltana station were sold and Steven Lock, who had been managing Nilpena Station, became the owner of Puttapa Station.

He and his young family moved into a small three roomed cottage at Puttapa Springs. He kept the station until the end of 1919 when he sold it to Martin and Bunn who made a start with building a homestead. This building came from the old Ediacara Mine and needed major repairs and additions before it was usable. With all the other work to be done on the station it was not until 1921 that the house was finished.

Bunn bought out his partner in 1923 and made many more improvements and additions to the station, including several watering points, windmills and wells. To be able to shear the 3,500 sheep Puttapa was carrying now, Bunn replaced the old two-man shearing shed with a much larger galvanised iron shed. Most of the materials for the building came from the old Hammond Hall.

The station was sold again in 1930 and operated as the Puttapa Pastoral Company, which in turn was bought in 1936 by Len Ragless, who had been managing Balcanoona Station for the previous ten years. Puttapa has remained in the Ragless family since that time.


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