West Terrace Cemetery, South Australia

West Terrace Cemetery

The cemetery was conceived by Colonel William Light as part of his city plan and established in 1837. Soon after it was divided into different sections with each religion having its own area. The Jewish section was formed in 1843 followed two years later by a Catholic section. The Church of England had its area granted in 1849. Its crematorium, built in 1902 was demolished in 1969. For 22 years it had been the only one in Australia. It also has a section for the Syrian Druze, Quakers and the AIF. The Islamic and Afghan sections are the most recent to be opened. Followers of this religion, particularly the Afghans, have been in South Australia for well over 150 years but they never had a separate cemetery in Adelaide. Several country towns in the north of the State, such as Farina and Marree do have them as part of the main burial ground.

Below are SOME of the headstones of the West Terrace Cemetery. In an attempt to save as much space as possible and increase the speed of downloading, only part of the stone is displayed. Flinders Ranges Research has a full photograph of each of these.

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