Winn Family, Coromandel Valley, South Australian History.

The Winn Family

The Winn Family arrived in South Australia on the sailing ship Shack-O-Mackson in 1852. Richard Winn was an experienced farmer and settled at Coromandel Valley. Their eldest son, Oliver, married Miss Wait and became a butcher, whereas their third son Walter, born in 1862, took over the family business when he was only eighteen and became a baker. Walter married Margaret Fisher from Victoria and their first child was born in 1885.

Walter and Margaret had three more children, Hector Oliver, Richard and Harry in 1896. With four young children and the bakery and general store, the Winn family had a busy life. After returning fron the First World War, Hector would take over the business. In 1928 the business was conducted by David Penley until 1932. Four years later, in 1936, Timothy Jones once more started the ovens but found it very difficult to keep going during the Second World War.

In March 1970 the Coromandel Valley and District Branch of the National Trust was offered the building for a museum.

The Winn Bakery.

Inside Winn's bakery.

Winn's Museum.

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