Women on the map of South Australia

Women on the South Australian Map

Although it has taken a long time for women to be treated as equal to men in almost all respects of life, their names have appeared on the maps of Australia and South Australia from the very beginning. Many precious waterholes, lagoons, creeks, and rivers were named after them. But several towns, cities, mines and mountains also carry their names. The best known of all cities is Adelaide itself, which was named after the wife of King William IV. Numerous geographical features on the map have been named after female members of the English Royal Family but this page will only name some of the South Australian women.


ALICEBURGH named by Governor Jervois after his daughter. It was proclaimed on 10 July 1879 but ceased to exist on 1 July 1897. A few month earlier he had named another newly proclaimed town AMYTON after another of his daughters. This town lasted a little longer but eventually also ceased to exist on 13 June 1957. He named the town of Carrieton after his daughter Caroline
AUDREY PARK named after Lady Audrey Tennyson, wife of the second Governor of Australia.
PORT AUGUSTA named after the wife of South Australian Governor Young by A.L. Elder.
CATHERINE which is now part of Morphett Vale was named after the wife of postmaster Alexander Anderson, who laid out the subdivision.
CONNIETON named by William Cottle in 1906 after his daughter Constance. It is now part of Port Pirie.
EDILILLIE south of Cummins named by A.H. Peake after two of his daughters, Edith and Lilian in 1908.
EDITHBURGH named in 1869 by Governor Fergusson after his wife Edith.
EDITHVILLE part of Port Augusta, named by Port Adelaide watchmaker Sawtell after his daughter Edith.
HANNAVILLE created by Thomas McTurk Gibson and named after his wife in 1874.
LAURA, surveyed in 1871 and named by Governor Fergusson after Laura Hughes.
LUCIETON, proclaimed in 1879 by Governor Jervis and named after his daughter.
LUCINDALE, proclaimed in 1877 and named after Governor Musgrave's second wife.
MILLICENT, surveyed in May 1870 and named after Millicent Sophia Short, daughter of South Australia's first Anglican bishop Augustus Short, and wife of George Glen.


WC Gosse (SLSA)

AGNES CREEK, discovered by W.C. Gosse, on 12 November 1873 and named after his second wife Agnes Hay.
CHAMBERS CREEK named after the Chambers Brothers.
ELEANOR CREEK on Kangaroo Island named in 1857 by Captain B. Douglas after his daughter Eleanor. He also named ELLEN POINT after his wife and HARRIET River after another daughter.
ELLEN CREEK in the far north named by Stuart. PRISCILLA CREEK and SPRINGS named by John McDouall Stuart after Priscilla Chambers.
JULIA CREEK near Eudunda named after daughter of Governor Gawler.
MARGARET CREEK near Lake Eyre named by Warburton after the wife of A.J. Baker.


Hundred of ANNA proclaimed in 1860 and named after Anna Chambers, daughter of James.
Hundred of ANNE proclaimed on 17 December 1863, named after the wife of Sir Henry Ayers.
Hundred of JESSIE named in 1867 after Lady Jessie Blyth, wife of the Commissioner of Crown Lands.
Hundred of JOANNA named in 1862 after Governor Daly's daughter.
Hundred of JOYCE proclaimed on 20 July 1876 and named after a daughter of Governor Musgrave.
Hundred of JULIA CREEK proclaimed in 1851 and named after a sister of Governor Young.
Hundreds of LUCY and MAY were both proclaimed in 1894 and named after the wife of Charles Cameron. Kingston.


IVY CAVE on the Nullarbor named by Captain Brooks after Ivy Brooks.
Lady Edith Springs later changed to DALHOUSIE Springs at her own request.
CHARLOTTE WATERS named after Lady Charlotte Bacon, sixth daughter of the Earl of Oxford. She arrived in South Australia with three of her children in the 1860s but later returned to England where she died in 1880. One of her sons, Harley Bacon worked on the Overland Telegraph Line.
LAKE ELIZA near Robe named in 1844 by Governor Grey after his wife.
LAKE GRISELDA named after Griselda Sprigg, the first woman to cross the Simpson Desert in both directions.
LAURA BAY named after a daughter of Captain B. Douglas in 1858.


BEATRICE HILL after the daughter of surveyor William Greig Evans. The name of another daughter was bestowed by Evans on DOROTHY PEAK, a hill at Wilpena Pound.
GRISELDA HILL named by R.C. Sprigg in 1968 after his wife.
LORNA GLEN named by H.A. Wells after his daughter.
MADGE HILL near Wilpena by W.G. Evans after his daughter Beatrice Madge Evans.
MOUNT ANNA named after Anna Chambers.
MOUNT ESTHER named by Stuart.
MOUNT HELEN, named after Helen Grant, the mother of F.A. Grant of Kanyaka Station.
MOUNT ISABELLE named after the wife of Henry Price.
MOUNT JANE named by James Linklater after his daughter.
MOUNT SARAH named by Alfred Gilesafter daughter of John Ross.

Numerous features have been named after female members of the Chambers family, many of them by John McDouall Stuart. Both in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Among them are ANN CREEK, ANNA CREEK, ANNA RESERVOIR and the Hundred of ANNA.


BATES named after Daisy Bates who also had a mountain named after her.

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